Ronny Heiremans

extension#A city for all seasons
extension#A city for all seasonsextension#A city for all seasonsextension#A city for all seasons

The idea of a building site is a state of transition – not towards something that’s being taken down, but towards something in the process of being put up. What I want to do is to reconstruct rather than deconstruct. Leaving things in a state of disassembly doesn’t interest me. A building site is something that is in the process of being made, involving ideas of time, activity and construction.
The permanent state of incompleteness becomes the rule that allows one to respond to the unpredictable. Nothing is planned. This video is not a linear construction but a multidirectional one, open to possibilities, modifications. Its source of change and its accessibility are permanent. It is a construction of the potential. The visible is not final but announces what is to come.