Ronny Heiremans

extension#study#04 (blind)
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The last day of the yearly re-plastering of the St.-Francis of Assisi Church in Ranchos de Taos the site was visited by a group of blind. I was deeply touched by the way the Indian foreman led one of the blind to a lower part of the -by that time- shining building. He allowed a blind young man to see the sculptural edifice by touching it with his hands.
It’s the hands of many volunteers that perform this magnificent work (the re-plastering – see Study#01 (hands)), giving it a unique sensuous quality, unlike any other architectural structure that I have ever come across.
Study#04 of the New Mexican footage I recorded raises questions on the limits of our senses and the un-apprehended dimensions of reality. This film reminded me of (model)landscape, a site specific intervention I developed for Speelhoven (2000), working together with a young blind woman.